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Founded by late Soke Bo Munthe in 1977-The Father of the Swedish & European Ninjutsu 1943-2018

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Bo Munthe Yudansha Kai Register

Being a Black Belt graduated by Shodai Soke is a great honor and stands for quality and reliability in the value of the Black Belt in a Martial Art world where inflation and in some cases corruption in the Black Belts. Soke him self holds many Black Belts from different styles all earned by hard work over many years of training. There is only one "shortcut" to the "Black Belt", and that is the long way of hard training!

To register in the Yudansha Kai Register you first need to be a member within Mu Te Jinen Ryu and
to be graduated by Soke Bo F Munteh or any of his Dai Shihan or higher, and logged in.
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