Mu Te Jinen Ryu

Founded by late Soke Bo Munthe in 1977-The Father of the Swedish & European Ninjutsu 1943-2018

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 10931324 10153130454821458 8175597762402936700 n Iam happy and proud to welcome the follwing honorary Yudansha Members to this by me created "Special Society!" A society for very special persons and warriors, personaly invited by me, and for me to know for special reason.

First and foremost, I want to draw attention to these members who unfortunately left us and it is a great loss. The world has lost great knowledge and insight as these my close friends, left us all too soon. With great respect and honor, 
May they rest in peace.

joe hyams hd Joe Hyams
Author, Screen writer, Martial Artist.
Book Title: Zen in the Martial Arts.

George Thompson Doc. George J Thompson
Founder of "Verbal Judo".
Tactical Communication. 

The following persons have been selected by me personally as members because they represent a knowledge, personality, experience and values that I respect and wish to emphasize as something valuable and positive.

staffan kullengren Staffan Kullengren
Retired officer of the law. Student of Martial Art & Bushido since 1967. Former intelligence Officer. 
Close Combat Instructor in the Swedish Ambfibie Corps.

lorenwchristensen Loren W Christensen
Author, Vietnam Veteran.
Retired Police Officer with over 29 years experience of law enforcement. 
Has written over 50 non fiction books.

Janne Nilsson Jan Nilsson
Arizona Army Major.
Officer & Air controller at 
US Special Operation Command, USSOCOM.

davegrossman Lt.Col. Dave Grossman (Retired)
Author, Lecturer.
Book titles:
On Killing, On Combat, 
Stop teaching our kids to kill.

brianmcchartny Brian Mc Carthy
Criminal forensic psykology consultant.
Personal security advisor.

slavomigozdzik Slavomir Gozdik
Police Assitant.
Founder of ESDS, Explosive Self Defence.

mickaeljansson Mikael Jansson

Kyuoshi leader of Taido Sweden & Europe.

jorgenlindberg Jörgen Lindberg
Martial Artist with 30 years experince.
Ninjutsu, Aikijutsu, MuTe Jinen Ryu Goshinjutsu. 
Founder of Ronin Ryu Dojo International. 
Former Security Officer within Securitas (1991-2008) 
Former Sergeant/Close combat instructor in the Swedish Amfibie Corps, erlier in the Royal Swedish Lifeguard as MP.