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Founded by late Soke Bo Munthe in 1977-The Father of the Swedish & European Ninjutsu 1943-2018

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About Dai Shihan

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Dai Shihan is a title issued by Soke Bo.F.Munthe for one or more members within his organisation that holds special responsebility. A Dai Shihan is a direct representativ for Soke in his absence, his right arm so to speak. Basically, a Dai Shihan has responsibility for a specific area in one country, but may also have overall responsibility for an entire country. Other areas of responsibility covered by the title may be: belt graduation, support for new dojo in the country, instructor training, implementation of introductory seminar and more.

Within Shodai Soke (Shō-dai sōke 商 台宗 家, Founder, First Generation Soke) Bo.F.Munthes organization Mu Te Jinen Ryu, there is blackbelt degrees from 1 dan -10 dan. The rank of 10 dan is reserved for Soke or titles like Nidai Soke ( Ni-dai sōke 第二 世代 宗 家) = Second generation Soke of a school or Shihanke (師範 家) = A Shihanke is essentially a second training lineage that exists autonomously from the Sōke. In a doctor where there is a Shihanke and a Sōke it is possible for the position of Sōke to essentially be a hereditary honorary title in our system while the Shihanke is responsible for the actual teaching and operation of the school.A Shihanke (師範 家).

During the reorganization of Mu Te Jinen Ryu 2017, a review of previous titles has also been removed to flatten the organization. One of these is the so-called Menkyo Kaiden (免 許 皆 伝) letter. This has been replaced by the title Shihanke (師範 家). Earlier issued Menkyo Kaiden (免 許 皆 伝) letter has therefore been withdrawn and is no longer valid. You will find the entire Mu Te Jinen Ryu / Yudanshakai organization under the menu title Mu Te Jinen Ryu / Organization. Here is also a description of the organization's title hierarchy.

A Dai Shihan title can be given to a person with 9th dan or higher and the most common within the organization is a person with 9 Dan to keep as high quality as possible. To open a Mu Te Jinen Ryu Dojo, a person in general needs a 5th dan black belt, however a school can be opened by a lower degree but then under the supervision of a Dai Shihan.

In this menu "Dai Shihan" you will find a  database list with the "Appointed Dai Shihans".
All Dai Shihan has received a personal certificate for its title with a unique certificate number corresponding to information that can be found in the Dai Shihan database in this menu. If the person is not in the database, he or she is not a representative of Soke Bo.F.Munthe.